Mini Par Can

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The ParCan is one of the icons of Rock & Roll technology. First used to illuminate concert stages in the 1960’s it consists of a lightweight aluminium body housing a sealed beam lamp originally designed for use as aircraft runway lights.  Used in their hundreds on rock concert lighting rigs they project a powerful beam of light capable of taking the strongest colours.

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This little desk light is our tribute to this legend of Rock & Roll.  It comprises of a mini ParCan called a ‘Birdie’ (one under Par in golfing parlance), mounted on a choice of two small wooden tripod stands.

Faithful in every detail to it’s legendary big brother our baby lantern is mains powered and has a 50w GU22 LED lamp. It has 2m of cloth covered black cable and an inline switch connected to a 13amp plug.

Two wooden tripod stands are available. The smaller of the two is finished in black ebony and the larger in Indian Rosewood both with chrome fittings.

Black Ebony – Height 370mm – 460mm

Dia 170mm – 230mm

Rosewood – Height 400mm – 540mm

Dia 180mm – 270mm