Mole-Richardson Type 410 Solar Spot theatre light


Vintage Mole-Richardson Type 410 Solar Spot theatre light, dating from circa 1935. This light was salvaged from a world famous film studio just outside London and was in completely original condition when discovered.  Perfect for dressing and lighting events and parties that require a retro or vintage look or just to add an original design as a talking point.

We have restored this impressive lantern back to its original appearance, the black body has been recoated using a durable epoxy powder coat and all of the original fittings have been polished and re-fitted.

The unique interior focusing mechanism has been stripped back to its individual components, new silver steel runners fitted and all of the components restored to their original function and is now fully operational once again.

The bi-pin lamp holder is intact and an adapter plate fitted to it to locate an E27 lamp holder and an LED lamp to exactly the same filament centre height as the original 2k Tungsten Halogen bulb. The light has been rewired using 3m of cloth covered elephant grey cable and uses the original switch mounted in the base of the lantern. The original holophane fresnel lens and reflector have been re-fitted and are in excellent condition

We have matched it with a Vintage Hilger & Watts tripod of Beech wood, Steel, Aluminium and Brass. This has spent its working life as part of a surveyor's equipment in West Wales and has been lightly restored to maintain the patina acquired from its working life. The fixing base that used to hold a theodolite has been adapted to hold a length of M10 studding which enables the lantern to be clamped firmly to the stand.

Each leg has a locking mechanism at the top & good strong clamps Height and spread can be set to suit your requirements

Tripod Dims: Min height: 1.1m Max height: 1.7M


Price £950 including carriage to a UK mainland address.

Delivery via FedEx or DHL outside the UK charged at cost.

Original Mole Richardson Specifications taken from the 1935 Sales brochure Light Source:

Either 2000 or 1000 watt G-48 C-33 mogul bipost Mazda globes are used in this Solarspot. The 2000 watt globes may be obtained in both the MP (3250° Kelvin) and the CP (3380º Kelvin) types. Globes are not included in the sales price of the Solarspot but can be supplied at their manufacturers' scheduled prices.

Housing: The housing of the M-R Type 410 is new and unique. It consists of a plurality of interlocking steel channels which are electrically welded to end spinnings to form an integral lamp housing which ventilates fully regardless of the position in which the lamp is tilted. Lamps of this construction operate without the expansion noises so characteristic of other sheet metal fabricated lamps.

Optics: Our Fresnel-style lenses are manufactured exclusively for us by the famous Corning Glass Works of their genuine Pyrex glass, which is unsurpassed in heat-resisting properties. The lenses used in this Solarspot are now supplied with a new "honey-comb" backing which aids the lens in producing a smoothly distributed field of Illumination relatively smooth in a central area, vignetting to soft edges. The producers of the Mazda globes for use in this equipment have so perfected their manufacture that these globes are now virtually Prefocus. This improvement in globe manufacture now makes it possible to dispense with adjustments of the spherical mirror. By mounting our lens in a hinged bezel, globes may be installed and replaced most conveniently, and as an added advantage we have redesigned our globe socket so that globes can be clamped in placed or released by the turn of a thumb-screw which clamps or un-clamps both posts of the Mazda globe. The entire socket-lamp-reflector assembly is focused by partial rotation of the focusing shaft which is operated from either the front or rear of the Solarspot by an indexed handle.

Yoke: The head is mounted on a "U" type yoke of Shelby steel tubing with bronze fittings and suitable clamping means to retain the lamp pedestal by means of 1¼ diameter stem. When so requested, 1" stems will be supplied. The finish is of Cadmium plate Finish: The lamp housing is finished in black baked instrument finish Weight: The head complete weighs 39 pounds