The years following the second world war saw an explosion in the range and styles of specialist stage and film lighting. Many classic designs and brands appeared on the market and revolutionised the way stages were illuminated. Now with the coming of digital and LED technologies the last of these classic designs are being retired.

With so many years practical hands-on experience of working with these period lanterns we are ideally placed to source and re-engineer them for today’s customers in different markets.


  • We can re-wire and finish lanterns to your specifications or any stage of completion. 
  • Lanterns are also available fully re-wired but in their ‘as found’ condition so as to fully display their heritage and patina.
  • Want a lantern to match your room design?  – we can provide a tough and durable powdercoat finish to any RAL colour 
  • Restorations can include stripping back to bare metal and either powder-coating or plating to a highly polished copper or chrome finish 
  • Lanterns can be refitted with a variety of lamp-holders, cable and connectors. Other options include barn-doors, period or contemporary table top of floor stands, or a range of hanging clamps.
  • All restored lanterns are tested for electrical safety before despatch .
  • We can also undertake search commissions, so if there is a particular style or make of lantern that you require – please give us a call.

If you are uncertain as to the type of lantern but know the effect or look you want we are always available to advise you. Please use our Contact Us page to ask any questions you might have.