Strand Patt 137 Small Floodlight



Pressed steel body, with sprung-closed hinged lid over colour runners. Steel fork with tilt clamp. Fitted 1 m external 3-conductor, heat-resisting cable.

Lampholder E.27 (ES) , porcelain body.
Reflector 215mm dia. etched and anodised.
Lamps 20OW max. E.27 base. G.L.S. clear.
Beam Spread 1/10 peak angle 1050, 1/2 peak angle 90°

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These are original small floodlights made by Strand Electric in the 1960’s. They are basic floodlights with a folded steel enclosure  fitted with an Edison screw lamp and an internal reflector. Their purpose was to spread an even f wash of coloured light.

These units have been salvaged from a school on Merseyside and have been left in their original silver grey enamel livery and show the patina of a hard working life.

They have been re-wired with new ES lampholders and will be supplied with a LED lamp for economic and cool running operation. A perspex diffuser has been fitted in the front colour runner to provide maximum beam spread. Each lantern is fitted with over 6ft (1800mm) elephant grey fabric cable.

These lanterns are available with suspension hooks, 1.5m of galvanised jack chain and a galvanised ceiling rose hook.

Alternative fixings are available – please see the Stands and Fixings page .